BFF – Best Friends Forever

I know I’ve got friend in all you Swaggernauts, and you guys all have a friend in me! But how about having a friend in each other? Did you know that through the Swagbucks Social platform, you guys can befriend one another in order to stay connected?
To view your friends or invite new ones, click on “My Friends” through the drop-down menu on the top of the homepage:
Here, you’ll see your current list of friends, and be able to search for new friends:
Click on “Find Friends” to search by e-mail address or Swag Name:
By becoming friends, you will be able to send inbox messages back and forth to each other to stay in touch. But definitely start increasing your friend list and stay tuned – we are going to be adding some very exciting features soon that will enhance your “Swagbucks Friends” experience.
Happy Friending!
P.S. – The song included in this post, “You’ve Got A Friend In Me,” by Randy Newman is from one of my favorite Disney movies, Toy Story. You can download it now from the Swag Store for 199 Swag Bucks! 😉