Just when you thought we were done adding exciting features to help you earn Swag Bucks, we’ve added another one! Some of you may have noticed a new “Bonus Bucks” box on the Swagbucks homepage. This box will display Special Offer videos when available. Watch the videos, and be credited with 2 Swag Bucks INSTANTLY! Click on the box:
A new screen will pop-out containing the available Special Offer video:
Watch the video in its entirety (if you skip around the video you will not be credited), and earn 2 Swag Bucks instantly! (If you don’t see them show up right away, press the refresh arrow on the top right of the Swagbucks homepage.) Click on “Watch Another Video,” and if more are available, you can watch those videos as well to earn another 2 Swag Bucks per video.
If you don’t see this “Bonus Bucks” box on your homepage, that means that there are currently no videos available. However, you should continue checking back, because new videos can be added at any time throughout the day, everyday.
What do you think of this new feature? Have you checked out the video of the car being controlled by Tweets? Pretty crazy!