Change the channel…

Wowee!!! Another channel of Swagbucks TV! And this is one of my favorites! I know – a lot of exclamation points, but you should be excited, too! (<-- more exclamation points)

Now you can watch your favorite clips from HGTV, DIY Network, Fine Living, Dad Labs, Ask the Builder, and more! Learn how to design a five star spa bathroom, make your home more energy efficient using plastic, find out how to remove pen leaks and crayon stains, and so much more.
One of my favorite videos in the new channel, which has inspired today’s SBTV trivia, is Origami Party Invitations. I always loved to make things out of Origami as a kid. Cranes, stars, dogs, etc. It definitely kept me busy and out of my mom’s hair. It’s nice to see that it’s okay to play with Origami even as an adult.
Go click around and check out the newest section of SBTV. Which video is YOUR favorite?