Child’s Play

Hello there, Mommy and Daddy Swaggernauts!
Are you looking for a good place to spend your Swag Bucks? How about checkin’ out some items for the kiddies? We’ve got an assortment of awesome prizes for the little ones available in the For The Kids section of the Swag Store.
I remember how much I used to flip over stickers when I was a kid. I had about 3 binders full of stickers. I would trade them with my friends, categorize them, decorate my room with them, etc. For as little as 129SB, you can get sheets of stickers portraying you child’s favorite characters: Spongebob Squarepants, Elmo, Thomas & Friends, High School Musical, and others!
I will admit, I still get joy out of coloring in coloring books. Maybe not as much as your kids do, but there’s just something so relaxing and rewarding about creating that simple masterpiece. We have all sorts of coloring and activity books available in the Swag Store for as little as 299SB. Set your kids up with Old MacDonald’s Sing-A-Long Coloring Book or My First Words Book Coloring and Activity Book and keep them entertained for hours. Don’t forget to hang their finished pictures on the refrigerator!
Make your daughter’s day, and bring her home a Justin Bieber “Skateboard” Poster or a Hannah Montana “Guitar” Poster for 1,399 Swag Bucks. Believe me, the look on their face when they unroll their favorite teen idol will make it worth it!
Do your kids love to sing as much as I did when I was younger? I used to prance around my house singing those classic kid songs, using anything I could find that remotely resembled a microphone. If this sounds familiar, check out the Kids Classics Sing-Along Collection CD for only 239SB. Pop it in, and listen as your kids merrily sing along to those favorite classics! The CD features ten tracks including “The Ants Go Marching,” “B-I-N-G-O,” “London Bridge,” and others.
Be sure to visit the For The Kids section of the Swag Store for even more cool gifts that’ll make your little ones smile. 🙂