Earn, Win, Earn

Most of you have seen the awesome benefits of earning Swag Bucks, saving up, and redeeming for cool prizes. Well, did you know that you can earn Swag Bucks even after you receive your cool, new products?

We want to see the look on your face when you unwrap your brand new iTouch. And we want to see little Johnny running around the house all excited, because he finally got that Ken Griffey Jr. trading card he’s been hoping for. When you receive that package from the Swag Store, go and grab your camera! Take a picture of the unveiling moment, send it to prizephoto@swagbucks.com, and you’ll earn 10 Bonus Swag Bucks! Get lucky enough to catch the exciting footage on video, and send that in for 20 Bonus Swag Bucks! Please note that you must be present in the photo and/or video in order to earn your bonus bucks.
Think of Swagbucks as the gift that keeps on giving. Take advantage of ALL of the opportunities to earn Swag Bucks!
Happy Unboxing!