Froobi Deal of the Day 1/7

When C.N. Williamson and E.E. “Colonel” Dickie started the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company to sell bib overalls in 1922, I wonder if they ever thought their brand would grow to be one of the most widely recognized apparel companies in the country. My guess is no. Regardless, Dickies has become synonymous with durability and comfortability. Although not around quite as long, Froobi has become synonymous with quality products and big savings. Finally, these two powerhouses unite for one incredible deal!
Snag this Deal and you will receive 3 Dickies Brand Knit Caps for the exclusively low price of $7.99, or less than the price it would cost for one in the stores!You’ll also receive a Rebate up to 108 Swag Bucks The colors will be assorted, so you’ll be able to have a different cap to wear depending on your outfit. Don’t like a color you received? Great! You just got a great gift and two more Dickies hats just for you.

You’re looking at the Rotary Editions Automatic Black Leather – the watch that all the other watches wish they could be, and all the wrists wish they could be with. A stainless steel case with black dial and black leather strap, this timepiece is a perfect combination of style and strength. It retails at $695 but is available today only at Froobi for $99.99, to go along with a Rebate of 612 Swag Bucks. So now you can make your wrist and your wallet happy 🙂
Froobi Freddi