Froobi Deals of the Day 1/25

I’m sure many of you will look at this picture and think, “I don’t know what this thing, but it looks boring and I’m not interested.” The truth is that this device can literally save your life (if you are a battery for a cell phone, ipod, or portable gaming system).
This here is the Symtek TF100 Portable Power Pack and it serves one purpose – to make sure that the battery never dies on your cell phone, regardless of where you are in the world or what you are doing. Stuck on an airplane? It can help. Long drive w/ no car charger? No problem. Camping with no access to power outlets? You’re covered.
The portable and lightweight TF100 comes charged and ready to use. Simply plug in your cell phone and extend the life of your device up to 20 hours. It comes with two settings so you can use the Standard setting or High setting for devices that require more power. There’s even a built in circuit protection to ensure no voltage harm to your connected device!
  • Amazon – $19.99
  • – $35.99
  • – $9.99 w/ a Rebate up to 128 Swag Bucks

For over a quarter of a century the markers of Swiss Legend have created their own legendary reputation by bringing their loyal customers timepieces steeped in tradition, design and versatility. This alluring work of art features a round silver-tone stainless steel case, a polished bezel and a screw down coin edge crown. A sapphire coated mineral crystal protects the round dial which encompasses silver-tone roman numerals at all hour positions. Simply put this watch is nothing short of exceptional.

  • Amazon – $83.49
  • Overstock – $101.99
  • Froobi – $49.99 w/ a 485 Swag Bucks Rebate
Both items are only available for 24 hours or while supplies last so don’t miss out!
Froobi Freddi