Froobi Deals of the Day 1/28

Every person at one time or another, whether it was at home work, has wanted to hang something up on the wall but did not have a stud necessary to drive a nail to support a picture, painting, mirror, or artwork. This is where the Hang-It-Up Super Hooks come in. You can hang up pictures, decorations, mirrors, or anything else up to 100lbs, and no stud, drill or hammer is needed! The unique design is easy to use and works with drywall, plaster and paneling. This is simply a must have product if you ever plan on hanging anything up on a wall ever again.


Amazon – $34.04 ($17.02 for a pack of 20) – $45.06 ($22.53 for a pack of 20)

Froobi – $2.99 w/ a Rebate up to 108 Swag Bucks for TWO pack of 20

That’s not a misprint – Froobi is up to 94% cheaper than and Amazon!

One of the most beautiful sites to see is when the the sun first begins to peak out behind a cloud filled sky. Not only is it a joy to look at but it brings a sense of a joy knowing that a bright sunny day is just moments away. Take that feeling and moment, turn it into a watch, and you have this Pulsar Women’s timepiece. A yellow gold tone stripe runs through the brushed stainless steel bracelet and continues to shine as it wraps around the dial. Yellow gold tone hands and Arabic numerals at 12:00 and 6:00 complete the accentuation.

PRICE COMPARISON – $69.99 – $62.99 – $29.99 w/ a 379 Swag Bucks Rebate

Both Deals are only available until Saturday 1/29 at noon est…so go get ’em!
Froobi Freddi