Froobi Deals of the Day 1/5 FREE SHIPPING


  1. This Cuisinart Advantage 19 Piece Solid Pom Cutlery Block Set will cause you to shun any cutlery set you currently have.
  2. You’ll spend your days at work trying to name all 19 pieces by heart.
  3. The 8″ Bread Knife will make cutting up bread so much fun that you’ll only want to eat sandwiches and French Toast.
  4. You’ll obsess with using the sharpening steel to keep your knives in peak performance that your friends and family will think you have problems.
  5. You’ll save so much money with the exclusively low price of $54.99 (compared to over $100 at other stores) that you’ll go out and buy something really expensive.
  6. The free shipping will give you a false sense of entitlement.
  7. You’ll receive a Rebate up to 215 Swag Bucks (ok, I guess there’s nothing wrong with that)
  8. only sells Deals for 24 hours or until they’re sold out so you better hurry!

Watches don’t usually come with warnings like knives do, but we had so much fun with the first one…
  1. The Swiss Legend Men’s Throttle Chronograph Timepiece will make you ignore all your other watches.
  2. The Dial color is such a brilliant blue that you’ll stare at your watch instead of paying attention to where you’re walking, biking, driving etc.
  3. Your friends will think you just came into a bunch of money and will hit you up for loans.
  4. If given as a gift, the recipient will incessantly shower you with hugs and thank-you’s.
  5. The exclusively low price of $99.99 is 90% off of retail (see warning #5 above)
  6. See warning #6 above
  7. See warning #7 above but change the Rebate to 495 Swag Bucks
  8. See warning # 8 above
Don’t say I didn’t warn you…
Froobi Freddi