Froobi Deals of The Day 1/9/11

In our continuation of helping to make your New Year’s Resolutions stick, Froobi’s Daily Deal today is geared for anyone trying to have a healthier, happier body. Get a great workout and massage in the comfort of your own home with the Acu-Hoop Pro!

The Acu-Hoop Pro is composed of a Hula-hoop with the addition of acu-pressure balls on the inner ring of the Hoop. The acu-pressure balls of the hoop have a therapeutic effect when you use it, helping you get in shape, strengthen your abdomen and lower back while improving your blood circulation. Acu-Hoop provides a fast, fun and slimming workout and for the next 24 hours is only $17.99 (60% off retail) with a Rebate up to 193 Swag Bucks at

Showcasing a white crystal heart shaped outline in the center of the white mother of pearl dial, this Wildflower timepiece from Invicta is as unique as it is elegant. It is available for 80% off retail at $69.99 with a 508 Swag Bucks Rebate.

Along with the watch you will also receive red, brown, black, and pearl silver interchangeable leather straps, giving this watch a unique versatility that can be worn with nearly any outfit.

Froobi Freddi