Game Talk

Now that our Games public beta has been officially released for a full day, I trust that many, if not all, of you have had time to play around a bit. I have even had a chance to play some games myself. My favorites so far are Snow Day and Starfish, although I worry that they could become very addicting!

As previously mentioned, this is our public beta, so you may have noticed that it is not quite perfect, yet. We do understand that there are still some bugs that need to be worked out, but things can only get better from here!
The games that are currently available are supplied to us by a 3rd party provider. Unfortunately, many of the game titles we’ve received have some kinks and “bugs” which are out of our control to change. For instance, many of you have noticed that after playing a game, the leaderboard often flashes for a split second before ushering you along to another page. Or, to take another example, some of our current games include spelling mistakes in the instructions on how to play!

While we’re aware of these issues, at this point in time, we are limited in our ability to fix them. We request that if you come across these types of quirks, you do not need to contact us, or our support staff about them. What you should contact our support team about, involves cases where you feel that you’re entitled to a Swag Bucks refund. So, if a game freezes on you in the middle of a tournament (which can occur), or if your score does not submit itself properly and your chances of winning a tournament are affected, please contact Customer Support through our FAQ page and they will be happy to help you out.

Rest assured that we are hard at work trying to improve the Games experience. As we move from our public beta, to the (do Games go into Gamma?) full and true launch, we will be making major improvements to everything from the appearance of the Games page; to the actual titles available for you to play. We know you’re going to love how this feature evolves.

In the meantime, continue playing! Give us feedback regarding which games are your favorites, which games you’re not crazy about, and what you might like to see in the future!
Happy Gaming!