Games: Redemption Island

This new season of Survivor features a new and very interesting concept – Salvation Island, where cast-off Survivors don’t leave the game, but are offered the chance to fight for the right to get back in. We’re taking that concept and applying it to Swagbucks Games.

On Friday you were asked to choose between three new games. After a tough race, you made Fat Cooker the winner so it is now residing in its new home in the Puzzle games section. After seeing your love for some of the games that didn’t make it, we decided to make this week the Redmption Island for those games.

That means that for all this week, you’ll have one last chance to play and vote on any of the following games: Johnny Race or Be Late (the game that hurts your fingers AND your time card), Blinky Smash (the game where if you blink, you might get smashed), Project Omega (the never-ending cavern of death) or A Biker’s Heaven (the longest ramp in the afterlife)! Take the time to play all of these games, and then vote for your favorites – you get two votes since two of the games will be selected by you to become permanent installments in SB Games:

The winners will be announced on Friday!

Happy Gaming,