Get in the mood for food!

Well, hey there!

It’s time to get excited, and hungry, because a brand new channel has been introduced to SBTV: The Food Channel! Yum! You can now get tips, clips, and recipes from some of your favorite Food Network stars! Make a 30-minute Shepherd’s Pie with Rachael Ray, learn how to use a grill from the guys over at Good Eats, bake red velvet cupcakes with Paula Deen, learn Bobby Flay’s Throwdown pumpkin pie, watch Guy Fieri’s waffle making tips, and tons more!
I had fun watching how candy corn is made – a clip from the Food Network’s “Unwrapped.” I learned a lot of interesting facts that I never would have known. Feel free to go check out the video, as it has inspired today’s SBTV Trivia questions – which will be revealed at 1pm PST.
Go look around The Food Channel of SBTV – but good luck not getting hungry in the midst! Don’t forget to join us today at 1pm PST for SBTV trivia!