Get your piece of Cake

Afternoon Swaggernauts!

It’s Tuesday, and one of my all time favorite bands, Cake, has waited a long seven years since they released any new music and today they are here to change that with, “Showroom of Compassion.” I know that Cake doesn’t really ever mix things up artistically, but I think there is something grand to appreciate about their loyalty to sound and clever lyrics. They also keep their pattern of yearning for romance and persistent heartbreak alive in Showroom of Compassion. My favorite characteristic of Cake is their comedic takes on life that they bring to music, and “Mustache Man,” is yet another humorous, clever and friendly song of theirs. If you are as loyal a Cake fan as they are to their sound, you should already be downloading “Mustache Man,” from the Swag Store for JUST 199SB!

The cake didn’t go stale! Give it a listen!

Until Next Time,