Holiday Bill Hookups

By now most of you know that we’ve gone ahead and given the 50 Swag Buck bonus to all of the Swaggernauts who scored all 5 collectible Holiday bills before 1/1 – congratulations to all of you! Some of you have also noticed that people who had not collected all five bills were given the bonus through a system glitch. In that situation, we had three options – remove the bucks from the people who got it by mistake but hadn’t done anything wrong, hook up everyone who got 4 out of 5 bills, which is WAY more unfair to those who get them all, or let the extra bonuses remain as a kind of lucky gift to those who got it. We decided to let the bonus stand. If you’re one of the folks that collected 4 of the bills but didn’t get the bonus, we know it might seem like you get a raw deal. However glitches do occur, and next time, it may just benefit you.