La La La

Here’s a fun fact about me – I love to sing! Whether it’s obnoxiously loud in the car or softly to myself at my desk, I’m almost always singing – and not well. 🙂 If this sounds familiar, you should check out the Voice Lessons To Go available in the Swag Store.

For 399 Swag Bucks, you can get a First Impression Vocal Assessment. Professional teacher, Ariella Vaccarino, has been giving voice lessons for over 18 years, and is the creator of Voice Lessons To Go. Send Ariella a one minute recording of your singing, and get constructive criticism and advice from her professional opinion.
For 699 Swag Bucks, you can snag either Voice Lessons To Go V.3 – Pure Vowels or Voice Lessons To Go V.4 – Stamina. V.3 – Pure Vowels includes a CD compiled of voice exercises concentrating on the different vowels we sing and their proper vocal production. V.4 – Stamina will challenge and strengthen your singing abilities. Singing properly forces you to use muscles to support and protect the voice. Just like any athlete in training, muscles need to be strengthened and taught to lengthen endurance. V.4 is the most advanced of all of the Voice Lessons To GO CDs.
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Happy Singing!