Man’s Best Hero

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, but for Osmar Persisco of Garibaldi, Brazil, his dog is much more than that. Thanks to four-legged hero, Max, Persisco is still alive.
After parking his truck at Max’s favorite field, two armed robbers approached him and demanded the keys to his car. When Persisco refused, the thieves opened fire and got him in the forehead with a bullet. After seeing the blood dripping down his owners face, Max became infuriated. He started attacking the robbers in an attempt to steer them away. One of the thieves ran off, but Max was determined to give the other one what he deserved. In self defense, the robber ended up shooting the dog, twice in the chest and once in his leg, and then ran off.
Persisco rushed his life-saver to the local vet, and Max is expected to make a full recovery.

“If I didn’t have my dog around, they would have killed me,” Persisco told the paper. “He’s my hero.”

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I am a huge animal lover, and it’s stories like these that melt my heart. A dog’s loyalty to his owner is impenetrable, and Max’s heroic actions clearly prove that.