Music Monday: George Harrison

Since our George Harrison/Concert for Bangladesh Swagstakes ended this weekend and the Ringo Starr/Concert for George Swagstakes ended just a little while ago, TSG wanted to share a great George Harrison tune and video. When John was assassinated in 1980, it inspired George to write the song “All Those Years Ago”, a tribute to the life and work of John, but more than that an expression of George’s love for him. The Beatles shared (and continue to share) a unique bond; nobody else had the experience or level of fame that they achieved, and they truly were like brothers, with George being a younger sibling to John and Paul. In particular, he always admired John and looked up to him (as he says in the song). I’ve actually featured this as a Song of the Day before, but the opportunity to share the video is pretty cool, I think – it’s a great retrospective on the history of the Fab Four, with the clips seeming like home videos; when you think about it, though, all of those press appearances and TV spots were their home videos: