NFL Playoffs, Swagbucks Style

The NFL Playoffs start Saturday, and for football fans the most exciting time of the year has finally come. If you aren’t a football fan, I think Swagbucks has a way to make things interesting for you…

Each Friday of the NFL Playoffs we’re posting predictive codes for each matchup; whichever code you redeem, that’s the team you think will win, and you can only redeem one code per matchup. Vote on all of a week’s matchups and you’ll earn yourself a cool 8 Swag Bucks. The values will work out like this:

Week 1 (Wild Card Round)
4 Match ups @ 2 SBs per code = 8 SB total

Week 2 (Conference Semifinals)
4 Match ups @ 2 SBs per code = 8 SB total

Week 3 (Conference Championships)
2 Match ups @ 4 SBs per code = 8 SB total

Week 4 (Super Bowl!)
1 Match up @ 8 SBs per code = 8 total

Of course there’s more. If you (individually) pick EVERY matchup of the playoffs correctly, you’ll earn a 100 Swag Bucks bonus, which will be applied the Friday after the Super Bowl

Finally, if the Swag Nation collectively gets the Super Bowl winner right, I’m going to release a 20 Swag Buck code the next day.

NOW are you excited for some football?