NFL Playoffs: The Two Point Conversion

And then there were 11. When we started the NFL Playoffs promotion, TSG told you that anyone who picked EVERY playoff matchup correctly would get a 100 Swag Buck bonus after the Super Bowl. From the 3million plus Swaggnerauts out there, 11 remain with the chance to get that bonus. We’ll reveal the names of those Swaggernauts on Friday, but my guess is they know who they are.

Even if you didn’t get all of your predictions right you still have a chance to earn yourself a bonus with the Two Point Conversion. It’s simple, and it began at midnight Eastern time – here’s how it works:

– From now through Super Bowl Sunday you’ll get a 2 Swag Buck bonus for every Special Offer you complete that pays 6 (the number of points you get for a touchdown) or more Swag Bucks. You only get 2 Swag Bucks per offer you complete, so it doesn’t matter if it pays you 6 Swag Bucks or 6000 Swag Bucks – your bonus will be 2. Where the big bucks come in is when you complete multiple offers – if you complete 20 offers worth 6 or more Swag Bucks through Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll get a bonus of 40 Swag Bucks. All bonuses will be applied on Tuesday, February 8th.

So get started with those offers and see how many two point conversions YOU can rack up!