P.S. – PS3

Here’s a fun fact you probably didn’t know about me – I love video games! Whether it’s Super Mario Brothers or Mortal Kombat, I just enjoy delving into the virtual world.
Right now in the Swagstakes you have the chance to win a PlayStation 3 Slim Console for as little as 22 Swag Bucks. This is the hottest new console of the decade! Hurry up! This Swagstakes ends tomorrow!!

If you’re lucky enough to snag the PlayStation 3 Slim Console, you should try your shot at some of the PS3 games we also have available in the Swagstakes. We have MLB11: The Show up for grabs, starting at 9 SB per entry, as well as Call of Duty: Black Ops.
In addition to these great games, there is also a Swagstakes for a PlayStation Move Starter Bundle. Enter to win for as little as 12 Swag Bucks, and whether you’re spiking a volleyball, shooting an arrow, or defending yourself in a gladiator dual, your every move is translated into the game with complete precision. This new addition to PS3 is right up my alley. I currently have a Nintendo Wii, but I’m definitely craving the PlayStation Move, as it is the world’s most accurate motion gaming experience.
Good luck!
Happy Gaming!