Play that funky music!

Hey Swaggernauts!
Ashley from Team Swagbucks here! I was just going through the Swag Store and checking out some of the MP3s that are available. I cannot believe how many of my favorite songs are up for grabs for only 199 Swag Bucks!
One of the hottest singers right now is Bruno Mars. I’m not going to lie – I have a teency weency crush on him. He is such a talented songwriter, which is blatantly portrayed in his hit “Grenade.” This song is constantly stuck in my head, and I don’t fight to get it out!
I’m also a very big Enrique fan. I don’t know if it’s his charming voice or his sexy good looks, but I cannot help but dance along to his single “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You).”
Although many may disagree, I’m a sucker for Willow Smith’s smash hit “Whip My Hair.” It has such a catchy beat and it sends a good message. Plus, it’s sung by an adorable 10-year-old superstar! Is anyone in that family NOT talented?
I will admit it – I am guilty of playing Pink’s song, “Raise Your Glass,” on repeat. This single just knows how to get me in that fun, upbeat, dancing mood – even after the 6,327th time! 😛
What’s your favorite single that’s available in the Swag Store?
Until next time,