Poll Round-Up of the New Year

Happy 2011, Swaggernauts!

It’s time for the first poll round-up of the new year…
According to yesterday’s poll, you guys have some pretty secretive guilty-pleasure TV shows.
I voted for “other” also, as my favorite guilty-pleasure show is Glee, and I’m proud of it! 🙂
It looks like we’ll still be able to see some holiday decorations for the next week, as you festive Swaggernauts voted that most of you take your decorations down the week after New Years Day…
According to Thursday’s poll, it looks as though most of you have children, but use a lot of different babysitters…
It’s nice to know we’ve got some honest Swaggernauts, because the majority of you admitted that you typically answer the Daily Polls truthfully.
Keep on voting, and remember that you will earn 1 Bonus Swag Buck for voting on that day’s poll!
Happy 2011!