Poll Round-Up: Week of 1/17

Well, folks, it’s time for our weekly poll round-up – the time of the week where I get to learn of some interesting confessions from our Swaggernauts!
Almost 30% of you selected Entertainment as your favorite SBTV category. I would have to agree with you on this one. I love delving into the latest pop culture topics and trends.
Interestingly enough, although 27% of you admitted that the Entertainment channel on SBTV was your favorite, 51% of you said that when it comes to the Golden Globes you “don’t ever really watch that stuff.” Well, unlike 51% of you Swaggnernauts, I’m a sucker for entertainment award shows.
As Girl Scout cookie season is upon us, 35% of you voted that your favorite flavor is Thin Mints. In second place, with 25%, was Caramel Delights (which used to be called Samoas). I voted for Caramel Delights, although Thin Mints are definitely a close second for me.
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