Pump it up!

Fantastic, fresh and enthusiastic music hailing from the rock walk of Los Angeles, Foster the People’s EP, has finally been released on iTunes. Their EP is complete with three trendy, indie songs, “Houdini,” “Helena Beat,” and fan favorite, “Pumped up Kicks,” and is being offered for only $2.97. Each song revels in a different piece of catchy fun and it’s truly dedicated to a dancing good time. The group does seem to have a similar vibe to MGMT when they released “Oracular Spectacular,” and we know how that album swept through the country, so it’s safe to say these guys will make a vibrant splash into your music library.

Since, “Houdini” is the only NEVER before heard song from these guys and they do seem sort of magical — coming from nothing — you can now download this song from the Swag Store for 199 SB.

To check out some of the clever fun these kids enjoy watch this:

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