“Roll Away” with Mumford and Sons

Folk music with fire and soul and a touch of alternative, nicely laced within the banjo and choral arrangements, that is what Mumford and Sons offers their listeners. Reaching out with their arms wide open and more love stories to write, each of their songs digs deep into the insecurities of life and scoffs at it just as any good friend should. These four englishmen are nominated for two Grammy’s, Best New Artist and Best Rock Song, for “Little Lion Man.” This group’s brand of bluegrass, folk music has joined the likes of rock songs, how? Well, that’s because this quartet found a cure for the beaten spirit. Give them a listen. You can now download “Roll Away Your Stone” from the Swag Store for 199 SB, or you can get their entire album, Sigh No More, from iTunes for just $9.99. Don’t forget, when using Shop & Earn, you earn 2 SB for every dollar spent with iTunes.

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