SB Games: Redemption Island Results

Hey everybody, Justin from Team Swagbucks here with the results of SB Games: Redemption Island. In case you’re just tuning in, I brought back 4 games that had almost won spots in our Games area for a second shot at being immortalized. You were allowed to vote for your two favorites, and now we have our results!

After a week of voting, mud was slung, hearts were broken, backs were stabbed and in the end only two games could come out a winner and take their honorable place in Swagbucks Games. You have voted to to redeem Blinky Smash, the game where it’s sudden moves or sudden death and Project Omega, a flight through an endless cavern of hostiles where you must shoot or be shot. Both of these games are now full-fledged, meaning you can play for free OR enter tournaments and risk a little to win a lot. Go test your might against other Swaggernauts!

I’ll be back soon, and you never know what new game I might bring with me…

~Justin from Team Swagbucks