SBTV improvements…

I’m sure many of you have noticed that SBTV was down briefly this afternoon. Well, our tech-savvy guys here at Team Swagbucks have been working on making your SBTV experience even better! I know that some of you were having issues switching from your work computer to your home computer in that your meter would reset. No need to worry about that, as that problem has been solved!
We’ve also added a new, more exciting feature to the meter. Now, the meter increases in random increments. Your meter might go up a little or a lot with each video you watch, so you never know exactly how many videos it’ll take to score some Swag Bucks. Don’t get discouraged if your meter increases by 1%, because it may increase by 20% for the next video!
Also, For those of you who stay up late watching SBTV videos, I have a message for you: You know those last few moments of crunch time when you’re trying to fill up your meter before 10pm PST? Well, no more worrying about that. From now on, the meter will NOT reset at 10pm, it just keeps going and going and going. Now you insomniacs can stay up all night watching SBTV and keep racking in those points!
For those Swaggernauts out there who actually enjoy sleep, now you can go to bed before the meter fills up without having to worry about it resetting in the middle of the night. No more restless nights – enjoy your relaxing, calm, and comfortable sleep without those horrible SBTV night terrors!
Here at Swagbucks, our motive is to make our users happy. We hope that the new and improved SBTV meter lives up to your expectations, and that it makes your overall Swagbucks experience more fun and more enjoyable!
Let us know what you think of the new features!