SBTV, Over the Hill and Back Again

OK guys. One more post about SBTV today, but I have a feeling this one will make you very happy. First of all, we realize that the SBTV meter has been glitchy and we’re now reverting everything back to the 5% system that we had previously. We’re continuing to tweak the system however, and are currently upgrading to put a new system in place that we think will be much better. That new system should be implemented very soon.

Second, we’ve got some great new content coming next week that we think you’ll really enjoy, and to celebrate that we’re going to have an SBTV trivia question every day similar to the one we use during Twitter Trivia, only we’ll be posting this question on both Facebook and Twitter, and the first 10 correct answers on each will receive 20 Swag Bucks! Expect more details on that in the coming days.

Thanks for your patience and feedback during this retooling process – it all helps us bring you a better experience!