Strike a chord….

It’s time to highlight one of my favorite sections of the Swag Store: Musical Instruments! I truly envy anyone who is skilled in any instrument: guitar, piano, harmonica, etc. I will admit that I did take piano lessons in second and third grade, but unfortunately, my piano skills are still on a second and third grade level. I’ve since moved onto guitar, where I can impressively play on a fourth or fifth grade level. I’m workin’ on it!
Have you ever wanted to learn to play an instrument? Or better yet, do you already know how to play an instrument? Thanks to the Swag Store, you can start your own one-man band!
For only 1,300 Swag Bucks, pick up your very own Harmonica, and play along with Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone,” which is also available in the Swag Store for 199SB! If you’re new to the musical instrument world, I think the Harmonica is a great place to start! It’s one of the easiest instruments to learn, and it’s great for all ages!
Become your very own Piano Man with the Portable Keyboard. I’m a huge fan of the piano. With just one instrument, you can play any genre of music at any tempo and it just sounds right. Even my second grade piano techniques sound good.
We even have a Doumbek in the Swag Store! What’s a doumbek? It’s a lightweight, durable drum that is fun to play at any age! Pick up your doumbek, gather in a circle, and pass around the beat!
And now my favorite: the guitar! You can now get your very own Rogue RA-100D Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar for FREE! There’s nothing like listening to the soothing strum of an acoustic guitar. Once you master the guitar, you can play anything! Don’t forget to get the Hardshell Guitar Case to keep your new guitar safe!
Be sure to check out the full array of instruments and equipment available in the Musical Instruments section of the Swag Store!
How many of you play an instrument? What instrument? Should we start a Swaggernaut band?