Survivor: Sb Games Edition (Day 3)

Another day. Another winner. Yesterday we gave you three games titles to play, and with it the power to decide the ultimate fate of that game…sorta. When the results were tallied, Sky Angel took the title handily. You can now find it in it’s new home in the Arcade category of our Games page.

For Project Omega and A Biker’s Heaven, that’s two days in a row of being passed over. We’re gonna give them one more shot before we give them the boot. Make it or break it boys!

Joining them today is Ultimate Polygon Destroyer – or UPD as we like to call it. In UPD, you take command of a spaceship in uber-hostile territory (do people still say that? uber?). Anyway, get your WASD fingers ready because no matter which direction you turn in the battle of geometry, you’ll be faced with violent hordes of squares, circles, arrows, and cubes with one thing on their minds: turning your nonagon into an apeirogon. Aim and shoot with the mouse to rack up a high score before you get vaporized… geometrically.

Find all 3 titles in the Miscellaneous section and remember to try all the games and come back here to vote. Check in tomorrow to see which one will make the cut and stay alive on Survivor: Swagbucks Games Edition!

-Justin from Team Swag Bucks