Survivor: Sb Games Weekend Edition (Day 4)

As you’ve hopefully figured out by now, it’s Friday. That means two things: another edition of Games Survivor, and a fast approaching weekend of well-deserved rest and relaxation. So today we’re bringing you the weekend edition of this Sb Games thing of ours.

Now yesterday we put Project Omega and A Biker’s Heaven on notice. Sadly, they were once again out-shined by their opponent. So if you’re one of the people who voted for UPD (Ultimate Polygon Destroyer), congratulations: you can now find it up in its new home in the Arcade category of the Games page.

And to make good on our threats to Project O and Biker’s Heaven, they are hereby banished from Swagbucks Games. If you’ve enjoyed those titles, keep your chin up – you never know when we might see them again.

Anyway, today we have 3 new titles for your playing, and voting, enjoyment:

In Blinky Smash, you select to play as one of three aliens, each with different attributes and a different number of blinky eyeballs. For whatever reason, as an alien, you spend your days on a dangerous planet where meteors and asteroids are constantly raining down, ready to explode upon impact. Being the daring alien that you are, you pass the time by seeing how close you can get to falling debris without becoming part of the landscape. Avoid a gruesome end by dodging the the rocks falling to the planet around you with the arrow keys, but gain more points for close calls and destroying the deadly meteors with well-timed use of your shield with the space bar.

In Johnny Race or Be Late!, you are Johnny, a young, oval-nosed man who’s always running behind schedule but has two loves in life: quality banjo music and being on time. He used to love shutting his trunk tight before a trip in the car, but these days, he’s just too late. Click your mouse as fast as you can to reach a new high speed and make it in on time. Just make sure you don’t blow any tires or blood vessels! This is a game everyone can relate to and everyone can play so grab your friends and don’t be late!

In Fat Cooker, you are a chef who is looking to lose weight by cutting down on his fat intake. Fill your plate with cakes, potato chips, candy, and pizza and send the fatty foods back to the kitchen to make groups of four in order to get rid of the junk food, lose some weight, and hopefully, make your way to bonus items that make you healthier like fruit, barbells, and running shoes, but be on your guard, you’ve gotta catch them before they hit the ground if you want to take advantage of those healthy bonuses.

Remember to try all the games out in the Miscellaneous category, and come back here to vote. Check in on Monday to see which one will make the cut and stay alive on Survivor: Swagbucks Games Edition.

-Justin from Team Swag Bucks