Team Swag Bucks Presents: Survivor – Swagbucks Games Edition

Alright, guys. Yesterday we gave you three games to choose from and and you chose Ball Rain. So as of today it’s been given a permanent home in the Arcade category. Don’t fret if you missed yesterday’s contest, because we’re giving you another voting opportunity today. Two of the candidates are returning contenders from yesterday, and added to the running is Sky Angel. Once again, you can find all 3 titles in the Miscellaneous section of the Swagbucks Games.

Set high above the earth, in Sky Angel, you are an archangel set with task of keeping clouds above free of enemies and full of style. Fly and cloud-hop using the space bar as you use each puff as a deadly vantage point from which to take down enemies with your trusty bow and and heavenly magic. Be on the lookout for upgrades like shields and magic arrows and don’t forget to jump on the clouds for bonus points, but beware the enemy! Three hits to your health and you are gone.

Remember to try all the games and come back here to vote. Check in tomorrow to see which one will make the cut and stay alive on Survivor – Swagbucks Games Edition.