Team Swagbucks Presents: 3 New Games

What up, my swaggin’ friends?? It’s Justin from Team Swagbucks tellin’ you about some fun new stuff goin’ on with our newly released Games feature. I have the pleasure of introducing you to three new games that no one has seen yet and we wanna know which one YOU like the best. The most popular of the three will be given a permanent place in the Swagbucks Games. The other two won’t.

The three new games are Ball Rain, Project Omega, and A Biker’s Heaven and we’ve added all of them to the Miscellaneous category so you can find them easily. Here’s a description of each game:

Ball Rain is a fun challenge. If you were one of those kids oddly adept at balancing a cheeto on your nose or you envied the kids who were, Ball Rain is the game for you. In Ball Rain, you use your mouse to balance a tennis racket on its tip meanwhile you move it side to side in attempt to hit different colored tennis balls falling from the sky to rack up a high score. If that’s not bad enough, the falling tennis balls are mixed in among baseballs, soccer balls, and footballs too. It takes a few tries to get the hang of this game, and so your first few games may be over before you know it. But stick with it and you’ll find yourself improving in no time.

For those of your more into action and adventure, in Project Omega, you pilot and defend your ship through a long and deadly cave filled with enemy ships who’ve got laser cannons and itchy trigger fingers. A good performance can lead to upgrades for your ship, but conserve those lasers or you’ll run out when you need ‘em most. This game rewards good pilots just as much as good shots. Remember to hit the ‘W’ key on your keyboard to fire.

Last (especially for bikers), but certainly not least, is A Biker’s Heaven. A Biker’s Heaven is a fun and kind of quirky slope style game that shows us that for bikers, Heaven is one long ramp. In A Biker’s Heaven, you are a biker lookin’ to get big points with the man upstairs by pulling off the longest, wildest run you can as you soar through the clouds, jumpin’ off ramps and pulling flips in midair, balancing yourself carefully with the arrow keys to be sure to land each of your tricks and keep the run goin’.

So go ahead and spend some time playing each title, and then be sure to come back and tell us which one you like best by voting in the poll below:

The game that gets the most votes will become a permanent part of Games and start featuring tournaments tomorrow!

That’s all for me, Swaggernauts. Don’t forget to check out each one and vote for a shot at some big bucks next week!

~Justin from Team Swagbucks