The sharpest tool in the shed…

Hey there!
I know that many of you Swaggernauts have already downloaded the Toolbar to keep yourself updated on the latest highlights, and sometimes Swag Codes. For those of you who haven’t downloaded it yet, the toolbar is a great way to stay connected with all that is Swagbucks. It is completely free and takes only seconds to install. By having the toolbar, you’ll get exclusive messages and Swag Codes from TSG and myself, easy access to the search engine, and be connected to the official Swagbucks homepage, social networks, merchandise stores, message boards, and more. The toolbar also gives you tons of customizable button options, including web radio, podcasts, games, sports scores, and so much more! You’ll even get one bonus swag buck every day you open up your browser, just for having the toolbar.
We are now introducing the newest feature of the toolbar: notifications. These notifications will consist of the hottest special offers, swag codes, and messages from TSG and I, and they will appear right on your desktop! Here’s an example of what they will look like:
We sent out our first notification yesterday. Did any of you see it or notice it? What do you think of the new toolbar feature?