Trampled by Turtles

Indio, CA really is the playground and hay-day of music from April 15th – April 17th hosting Coachella. This three day excursion is where music breathes and friendships bloom. Coachella truly is the most elite music festival one can attend. How can I make such a bold statement? Not only is the a festival built on the friendly and youthful idea of bringing art, music, culture and community in a wild, yet environmentally friendly, three days of rock n’ roll, but they consistently provide fans with the best music from major labels and those artists and bands that are completely untouched by the industry. They leave no genre untouched. Providing the opportunity for all die-hard music listeners and the occasional pop-culture listener to gossip, bond and inspire new music listening practices in each other. It’s non-stop with parties, camping the greatest music from around the globe.

So in thanks of Goldenvoice and all the partners that work together to make the magic of Coachella happen periodically throughout the next 85 days, I am going to bring you a tid-bit about one of the performing artists from Coachella (coincidentally, I already unknowingly have shared a bit about one with you — Foster the People.) Sure, I could tell you about Kanye West, Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Duran Duran, Nas & Damian Marley, Lauyrn Hill or the Chemical Brothers today, but that would be too easy and not showcase the true musical showcase that Goldenvoice puts together. So who am I going to tell you about? Trampled by Turtles! Well, I knew nothing about Trampled by Turtles until the lineup was released on January 18th and as I was reading over the performers I couldn’t stop chuckling at the name “Trampled by Turtles.”

Come to find out Trampled by Turtles are a bluegrass quintet who came barreling into heartbreak with nothing but stringed instruments and twang. Give their track “Wait So Long” a listen:
01-trampled by turtles-wait so long by elizah

They are great! Simple and charming, yet capable of stirrin’ up a little boot scoot-in fun. I am sure these guys will show up to the Polo Fields ready to provide fans with a rip-roarin’ good ole time. What do you think? You can now download “Wait So Long,” from the Swag Store for 199 SB.

Will any of you Swaggernauts be at Coachella this year? Or have artist’s you’d like to see featured in the blog here from the line-up?

Until Next Time,