Tweet Tweet!

I’m sure many of you are following us on Twitter, keeping yourselves up-to-date on the latest Swagbucks news, and perhaps participating in the TTPTP and Twitter Trivia. Well, did you know that the Swag Store has a Twitter feed, also? Keep yourself in the know, and discover the latest Swag Store announcements before anyone else!

The Swag Store Twitter feed is always up-to-date on the newest items that have entered the store. In fact, a tweet will be sent out regarding new items before these items are announced anywhere else. The Twitter page will also be the first to notify you regarding the Deal of the Day! Don’t miss your chance to snag the hottest items, and simply follow the Swag Store! You will also have the benefit of finding out what items in the Swag Store are currently on sale. No need to go through the trouble of clicking around the store to see if the item you’ve been wanting has gone on sale yet. The Twitter feed will be the first to update you on which products are going on sale! You can even learn which Swagstakes are launching with this Twitter page, as well as the latest ongoing Double Entry Swagstakes!
Become a Swagbucks connoisseur by following the free Swag Store Twitter feed, and get all of the Swag Store news before anyone else!

Happy Tweeting!