We like healthy Swaggernauts…

Brrrr! Baby it’s cold outside! Unfortunately, that means a lot of you are probably coming down with that seasonal bug. My guess is that some of you are walking around looking like this little guy:

Well, why not look to Swagbucks to help you get over that nasty cold? Through Special Offers, you can print out the Swagbucks Health Advantage Card for FREE! Just visit the Swagbucks Health Advantage Program page, read the information, and click the button that says “Print Your Health Advantage Card Now.” Once the PDF file opens, print it out, and cut it down to card size. Keep it in your wallet and show it at your local pharmacy!
This program is 100% free! You don’t need prior health coverage, and there is no paperwork involved. You don’t even have to be a Swagbucks member to use the card. Also, the card is not limited to one person – so feel free to use it for the whole family! Keeping your family nice and healthy? Pass the card onto a friend who might not be as lucky.
These cards come courtesy of ParamountRx, who we pride ourselves on being partnered with.
Print your way back to health!