Week in Review 1/29

Hey there!

I hope your weekend is off to a great start! Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past week at Swagbucks.
On Monday we announced that after 300 million Swaggernauts had the chance to win a 100 Swag Buck bonus for correctly predicting the NFL playoffs, only one is still in the running. Live4snow of Sandy, Utah has only one more game to predict correctly – who will win the Super Bowl on February 6th, the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Green Bay Packers. Good luck, Live4snow – may your psychic powers stay with you! ๐Ÿ˜‰
On Tuesday we introduced the newest feature of the Swagbucks Toolbar – notifications. These notifications will consist of the hottest special offers, swag codes, and messages from TSG and I, and they will appear right on your desktop! If you haven’t yet downloaded the Toolbar, click here for FREE and INSTANT access to exclusive messages and Swag Codes from TSG and myself, easy access to the Swagbucks.com search engine, and be connected to the official Swagbucks homepage, social networks, merchandise stores, message boards, and more.

On Wednesday I posted a fun little video that can easily make anyone smile. This 4-year-old boy has quite a future ahead of him.

On Thursday we informed you Swaggernauts of a new, easy way to earn some bonus bucks. We have added a new “Bonus Bucks” box to the Swagbucks homepage. This box will display Special Offer videos when available. Watch the videos, and be credited with 2 Swag Bucks INSTANTLY! Remember, if you don’t see this “Bonus Bucks” box on your homepage, that means that there are currently no videos available. However, you should continue checking back, because new videos can be added at any time throughout the day, everyday.

Yesterday, Justin from Team Swagbucks announced the winners of Redemption Island. If you weren’t aware, he had brought back 4 games that were open to your votes – the two with the most votes would be getting a permanent home in Swagbucks Games. So, after a week of voting, you chose to redeem Blinky Smash, the game where itโ€™s sudden moves or sudden death, and Project Omega, a flight through an endless cavern of hostiles where you must shoot or be shot. Both of these games are now full-fledged, meaning you can play for free OR enter tournaments and risk a little to win a lot.
Well, we certainly did not fail at having another successful week at Swagbucks. So now, sit back, relax, enjoy your weekend, and come back Monday as we start yet another exciting week!
Keep Swaggin’!
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