Week in Review 1/8

Another successful week in the world of Swagbucks!
Monday was the last day to vote for the Holiday Recipe Contest, and the winners were announced on Tuesday. The contest was definitely a tremendous success in that we received almost 1,500 recipes! Which dishes did you guys try out?
On Wednesday, we announced that eBooks are now available in the Swag Store! Definitely be sure to check those out, as we currently have quite an assortment of Fiction and Non-Fiction books, and we are planning to introduce some Science Fiction books in the future.
On Thursday, after hearing out everyone’s comment and concerns, we made improvements to SBTV accordingly. Now, the meter DOES NOT reset at 10pm, so feel free to watch videos through the night, without worrying about your meter flushing out. The SBTV meter had a change of heart, and then another, when it switched from its original 5% increases to random increases, and then switched back to 5%. And now, every day, we are going to be running SBTV Trivia. It will consist of a question, or a set of questions, that refer to a specific SBTV video (which will be revealed 2 hours prior to the start of SBTV Trivia). The first 10 correct responders on Facebook AND on Twitter will get 20 SB! To read more about this fun, new feature, check out the blog post.
To add some fun to Thursday, a video was posted to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Check out Sophie the bouncing Papillon – a pup I know personally, with a face as sweet as a cupcake and a heart as gold as Flava Flav’s teeth!
Yesterday, we introduced the first round of the NFL Playoff Codes. Just in time, too, because today kicked off the 2011 NFL Playoffs! Any early predictions on who will win the Superbowl this year?
I hope y’all are having a nice, relaxing weekend. Keep swaggin’ and we’ll see ya next week!
P.S. – Achin’ for an extra 8SB? Check out the eBooks! There is a code on one of the book pages! You have until 3pm PST! Good luck!