We’ve got a monster on our hands…

Well, Coachella camping and basic three day passes sold out in under three days. So as it appears, I am not the only west coast kiddo that believes Coachella is a prime festival experience that you cannot miss. Another conclusion we can draw from these rapid ticket sales, is that Kanye certainly gets enough LOVE, and he’ll be seeing your hands at the concert.

As ridiculous as I still believe the lyrics to “Runaway” are, (I mean the man wrote “The Good Life.” Who wants to hear angry and depressed lyrics after that masterpiece?) the music video and VMA performance that it inspired are a true tribute to the artistic genius that makes Mr.West a valuable and revered artist. If you haven’t seen Kanye’s full length film “Runaway,” take the next forty minutes and do so.

Coachella 2011 is sure to go down as a monster event, and my fingers are crossed that Kanye will bring just as stunning a performance to Indio as he did to the VMA’s. So to get you pumped up for his April stop on the Empire Polo Fields, you can now download Kanye West’s “Monster” from the Swag Store for 199 SB. Also, you can download the entire artistic genius that is “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” from iTunes for $11.99, and when you use Shop & Earn you earn 2 SB for ever $1 spent.


P.S. Any Swaggernauts remember when Kanye told MTV, “I do have a goal in this lifetime to be the greatest artist of all time, [but] that’s very difficult being that I can’t dance or sing?” Do you think that the idea of him not being able to “dance or sing” is going to hold him back for being titled greater than his idol, Michael Jackson, before he passes? Or if you don’t think MJ is the greatest artist of all time, who do you think is?