Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Just because Kevin Garnet might not be feelin’ like Jamie Foxx and Justin Timberlake’s collaboration, “Winner,” brought him any big wins during the 2010 NBA playoffs, doesn’t mean Kobe isn’t still singing, “You know you are looking at a winner, winner, winner, I can’t miss, can’t lose,” during Laker practices. It’s only 26 days until the two meet again, and I am willing to bet even pro-basketball players enjoy mimicking the fun swoosh sound when singing, “can’t missssss, I know they want me to fall, but ain’t nothin bigger than thisssss” along with Justin. Heck they might even feel like a legendary pop star when singing along. This song is fast, confident and full of character; everything you should expect from a winner. When pop legends like Justin Timberlake decide to take a trip to the studio, you know you are going to end up with a champion song. In celebration of the upcoming January 30 game where the Lakers will go toe-to-toe with the Celtics again, you can now find this track in the Swag Store for 199 SB.

For a little reminder of what brought the Lakers to the 2010 victory in the playoffs, I bring you…

Any Celtics fans nervous, yet?

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