YaySave goes Home!

YaySave is now carrying household essentials like toothpaste, shower gel, and bath tissue. They’ll be adding more products twice a week, so send them suggestions of your personal favorites. They want to hear what you want – ask & they’ll do their best to add them. Their only requirement: if they can’t offer it cheaper than anywhere else, they won’t carry it. You’ll find they have products at up to 50% less than retailers like Wal-Mart, Costco, and Soap.com! With no coupons necessary, you can save big without any extra work.

How can they offer such low prices? First, they move items by the case – that’s why you see a minimum amount on the Deal Odometer. By requiring a minimum number of sales, they can negotiate deep discounts with their suppliers. Don’t worry that your deal won’t go through – 98% are “Deal’s On” in the first 48 hours. The maximum amount on the Deal Odometer allows YaySave to keep inventory costs down. They only carry a small amount at any one time which means storage costs & out-of-date inventory aren’t an issue for them. A low overhead helps bring you a great deal just like the minimum guarantee of sales does.

What about shipping costs? You pay only $5 for unlimited all day shipping. That means you can buy as many items as you like in any one day, and you’ll only pay $5. Shipping charges for your first order of the day are $5.00, all orders placed after that are free! The 24 hour period for All Day Shipping begins at 10:00am PST and ends at 9:59am PST the following morning (1:00pm-12:59am EST), and orders must be shipped to the same address to qualify.

YaySave is celebrating the kickoff of the Household Essentials category by offering you 10 Swagbucks per order placed during the first two days (10am PST Jan 18 – 9:59am PST Jan 20). And don’t forget to sign up for the email newsletter and follow their Facebook page, so you’ll be notified of the new products added every week and be the first to hear about future Swagbucks offers.

What do YOU want to see on YaySave?