Your SAVE-ior

Hey Y’all!

I know that many of you are trying your best to save up your Swag Bucks for something special. But, are you saving up your actual money, too? I found this great article that gives you 30 easy ways to save money, and I thought I would share it with you. I would suggest that you try to incorporate as many of these techniques as you can into your daily life. I know I will!
Make your own coffee:
I’m sure many of you get in that habit of stopping at Starbucks on the way to work, because really, how much damage could 3 bucks do? Well, think about it – $3 every work morning adds up to $15 a week – making your annual spending on coffee $780! Check out the coffee makers we have available in the Swag Store (Mr. Coffee, Keurig), and start saving!
Go grocery shopping in a hurry:
Make a list before you head out, and get your shopping in before you have to meet up for dinner or catch your favorite TV show. If you have limited time, you’ll be less inclined to stroll down the aisles and pick out items that may catch your eye, but are not entirely necessary.
Buy generic products whenever possible:
Does it really matter if your milk comes from Oak Farms or the store brand? The milk probably comes from the same cow! Try to pick up generic brands wherever you can, as they tend to be cheaper than brand names.
Avoid ATM fees:
Try your best to avoid ATMs that are not correlated with your bank. Those will get you with about a $3 surcharge that could easily be avoided. Visit your bank’s local branch to withdraw money without fees.
To see more ways to save, check out the article here.
Of course, you should clip as many Swagbucks Printable Coupons as you can that are of value to you, in order to increase your savings!
What’s your favorite money-saving technique?