Amazing Limited Time Offer

TSG here with a VERY exciting Limited Time offer for all of the U.S. Swaggernauts out there!

Last week, we featured an offer through LivingSocial where you could get a $20 Amazon gift card for $10 AND earn 280 Swag Bucks in the process.

This week, we’ve gone a step further. Through Groupon today you can purchase a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card for just $10 which you can use in a store or online to get ANYTHING they sell. The best part? You earn yourself 315 Swag Bucks for completing this offer, but only if you do it through our site – you can find our link on our homepage.

This is an amazing deal and we’re very excited to offer it to you – how often can you turn $10 into $20 with the click of a button – maybe you can spend it on a book of Pablo Neruda poetry for your significant other…

Take advantage of this amazing deal while it lasts! Please be aware that due to high volume, it may take a few hours for the Swag Bucks to be credited to your account.