As our birthday approaches…

As we inch closer and closer to our birthday, it’s time to start preparing for the loads of fun we will be having on Monday, February 28th. Every day from now until our birthday, we will be releasing ONE letter of a cryptogram puzzle. A cryptogram is a phrase or quote that has been encrypted by simple letter substitution. The phrase “This is a cryptogram” might turn into the encrypted phrase:


In this cryptogram you can see that throughout the phrase the letter “T” has been replaced by the letter “F, the letter “A” has been substituted with “U”, and so on.

Over the next 11 days, we will announce one letter at a time right here on the blog. The letters may not be released at the same time each day, so make sure to check back frequently.
You will have all of the letters of the cryptogram by our birthday on Monday, February 28th. On our birthday, we will give you hints and tips on how to solve the puzzle to get a big, fat code!
Start your excitement engines and stay tuned!