Exploring the Swagbucks Chat Bar

Ron from Team Swagbucks here, and today I’m proud to share with you the newest member of the Swagbucks family of features, the Chat Bar!

Let’s start with the basics: the Chat Bar is the blue strip running along the bottom of every page on Swagbucks.com. More than just another piece of clutter, the Chat Bar allows you to engage with your Swag Friends in new exciting ways. At the same time, it offers immediate, visual access to the entire Swagbucks Universe – or Swagasphere as we like to call it.

Since introducing Swag Friends about 6 months ago, we’ve slowly added ways to enrich your social experience. The Chat Bar represents a giant leap forward towards that goal. For the first time, you can connect with your online friends in an environment that’s

  • Real time
  • Secure
  • Private

Whether you want to share your winning search, discuss a video in SBTV, compare notes on the latest Daily Poll, or just shoot the breeze, engaging your Friends has never been easier. Simply click the Chat button on the bottom right of your Chat Bar and browse your online contacts. You can initiate simultaneous chats with as many friends as you like! When you’re no longer in the mood to chat, simply set your status to Invisible and you’ll be in full stealth mode.

We hope you’ll take this as an opportunity to beef up your friends list with people you know and trust, so you can maximize your Swagbucks experience. For some, you may have a case of too many Friends – which is to say, people who don’t really know or have any desire to chat with. There’s no harm in removing Friends from within My Account. The point of Friends is to focus on quality, not quantity.

There’s more: in addition to the IM feature, the Chat Bar allows you to see visual representations of what’s happening say, on our Facebook fan page, Blog, Twitter, or my personal favorite, our Flickr page.

I know what some of you are thinking – isn’t that the same thing the Toolbar does? Yes… but no. Unlike our Toolbar, which is the best way to experience Swagbucks when you’re not actually on our site, the Chat Bar is super visual. You can quickly get all the latest in a style that’s clear, and satisfying.

Here are but a few of the things (in no particular order) you can do with the new social tools the Chat Bar makes available:

1. Post to our Facebook Wall right from Swagbucks.com.
2. Enter the weekly TTPTP contest right from the blog as soon as you’ve finished reading the blog post announcing it!
3. Search & Win from any page on our site using the Search&Win bar in the bottom left region of the Chat Bar?
4. Translate content on our website into more than 15 languages.
5. Be alerted to new posts in The Swag Blog.
6. Receive notifications from The Swag Guy, and you know what kind of notifications TSG likes giving!

Now, it’s bound to happen that some of you won’t find any of this appealing. If you’ve read everything I’ve written here and don’t find yourself moved to action, than take comfort knowing that you can essentially hide the Chat Bar so that it does not need to interfere at all with your Swagbucks experience. Simply click the downward pointing hashmarks on the extreme right of your Chat Bar to make the whole thing collapse into one tidy button at the bottom of your browser window.

We hope you enjoy the Chat Bar as much as we do. Play around with it for a few minutes and I’m sure you’ll find something there to love.