Facebook Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

As I said yesterday, in one hour we’ll be implementing the new look version of our Facebook fan page – again, here’s the shot of what it will look like:

Maybe the biggest change is the removal of tabs from the top of the wall – however you can still find those objects in the menu to the left, under our logo. Another big part of Facebook’s changes is that you won’t see our status updates unless you’ve interacted with us in the last two weeks – to always have our updates show up in your feed, click “Edit Options” at the bottom of your news feed and select “All of your Friends and Pages” – of course, what you choose to do is entirely up to you:

Some other changes include a language filter and the blocking of specific keywords, which we think will curb the abusive in inappropriate language that occurs on our wall from time to time.

The biggest change we’re implementing, though, is in Discussions. Until today, we’ve allowed people to post threads in discussions asking for votes, likes, and other assistance to win contests and stuff. While I totally understand the desire to tap into our very powerful community, it’s simply gotten out of hand. That’s why we’ve decided on this compromise:

I’m going to create an official “Vote for Me thread in Discussions” with our disclaimer at the top. It is the ONLY place where you can post those solicitations. If we see them anywhere else, we’re going to delete them. We love that you’re all so active on our wall, but we want to encourage more conversation about things going on with our site and in the world, and less about promoting the contests of individuals. We’re really excited to bring about these changes, and I wouldn’t be surprised if a code showed up at some point…