Games Are Blowin’ Up, Yo

Hi Everyone!

Justin from Team Swag Bucks here to let you in on a special Swag Games Beta secret:

This week, we have gone mental and each and every Swag Game has limited time tournaments offering a larger minimum total payout than ever before! No matter what your favorite Swag Game is, this is the week to play. Minimum total payouts for each game start at 225 Swag Bucks and that’s just on opening day of the tournaments!

For a shot at even bigger Bucks, put your Swag Name down and wager your Bucks in any of the following games: Crazy Taxi, Crusher, Drop 3, Hungry Snake, Rock’n’Ball, Snow Day, Starfish, Synonymous, Tetra-Cube, US Cities, Word Chain Plus, WorDrop, Zip Zap. Payouts for these games start at 500 Swag Bucks!

Grab yourself a tall glass of something nice and have yourself a seat because the games are fun and starting off with bigger total payouts than ever so who knows how much you could win the end of this week of extra lucrative tournaments.

Have fun and Good Luck, Everybody!