Games: What Would A Birthday Party Be Without Them?

Hi Everybody and a very happy birthday to us!

It’s Justin from Team Swag Bucks again with a festive announcement about Swag Games. If you’ve never seen any of my posts about Games before, you can find a few here, here, & here. In honor of our birthday, we’re offering very special one day tournaments where you can win big Bucks in any of our games! If you’ve never tried our games before or never entered a tournament, I would highly recommend that today be the day because we have a lot to choose from and today, in addition to the tournaments we normally offer, each game has a special Birthday Tournament where it’s only 1SB to enter and if you win, you’ll receive a minimum of 500 Swag Bucks! Remember, if a lot of people join the tournament, you can earn even more! There are tests of aim and coordination (Zip Zap, Starfish), speed and logic (Rock’n’Ball, Tetra Cube), knowledge of words and geography (Word Chain Plus, US Cities)… No matter what your skill, today is the day to try your hand for a big reward in Swag Games.

We spend a lot of time looking for games that you guys would enjoy so as always, if you don’t see a game that fits what you’re into, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to make sure we keep it in mind when we add new ones. We’d like there to be a game for everyone and I think we’re pretty close. Check it out today for your chance to win big!

Have fun, everyone and Good luck!